StuntMANIA Reloaded


New release of the fun miniature care game


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StuntMANIA Reloaded is a new game created by the developers of the original Stuntmania (Sector 3).

In fact, this race simulator practically maintains the same characteristics as previous releases and only presents notable improvements in the design and final outcome.

In StuntMANIA Reloaded you will be placed behind the wheel of small, fun cars on tracks full of jumps, loops and all kinds of hazards. At your disposal you will have such varied vehicles as a taxi, a truck, a police car, a military jeep, and even a flying saucer, all of them designed with a fun style.

The game also includes a series of 'power ups' that you can collect during the races and thanks to which you can have the opportunity to teleport, jump farther, speed up or reduce the gravity of the scenario.

StuntMANIA Reloaded is a very fun racing game, that makes up for its complete lack of reality with an awesome arcade design and playability.

In the demo you can only play with one vehicle on one track.

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